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Pitch Coaching

Do you have a pitch meeting or general meeting coming up?

Katrina, along with WWFC co-founder Tracy, has prepared WWFC's pilot accelerator fellows to pitch to major studios and production companies. She has sat in on more than 60 pitch meetings with companies including HBO, HBO Max, Warner Bros., Netflix, Comedy Central and more. Execs have shared that the WWFC fellows' pitches were exceptionally polished and that they were more prepared than many of the pitches they normally see.

Before your session, you'll receive resources such as detailed instructions for preparing a pitch, an exclusive library of WWFC's past virtual workshops and more. Clients who are preparing for a pitch meeting will be asked to practice a pitch ahead of time so as to make best use of the session(s).


  • 1 60-minute session: $300. Recommended for prepping for a general meeting.

  • 2 60-minute sessions: $500. Best for preparing for a pitch as you'll have an opportunity to practice with the notes and receive feedback on your revised pitch.

A 50% deposit is due upon booking, and a rush fee may be applicable if you need to book a meeting within 5 business days.

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